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Professional Teeth Whitening at East Mews

Teeth whitening (or bleaching) is a great and easy way to improve the appearance and colour of your teeth. Over time teeth can become discoloured or stained and teeth whitening can predictably lighten the teeth shade. It is a safe treatment when carried out by our experienced dental professionals. It is non-invasive to the tooth structure and can avoid the need for extensive treatment like veneers or crowns.

Tooth whitening is simple and the majority of the treatment is carried out at home. After an assessment moulds are taken of your teeth, so customised bleaching trays can be made. They will fit very precisely to your teeth and around your gums. These trays will hold the bleaching gel against your teeth and they are worn over night for 2-3 weeks. Photos are taken before and after the treatment so you can see the difference.

Teeth remain lighter for about 2 years, but it is simple and cost effective to ‘top-up’ the bleaching from time to time by purchasing more whitening gel from the practice.


Whether you are looking for a subtle freshness, or to combat significant discolouration, our product offers the flexibility to address all concerns improving the overall appearance and health of your smile.
The treatment is minimally invasive and practical whilst offering a safe aesthetic solution.
The treatment has no detrimental effect on existing restorations which remain colour stable throughout and following treatment.
The brand we use offers longer lasting results within a shorter time frame. The results can last for years with regular maintenance.
There are very few limitations to whitening healthy tooth structure. A full examination with your dentist beforehand is important. It’s worth remembering that one important restriction is to avoid having it done by someone other than a dentist. We would suggest avoiding whitening if breast feeding or pregnant although there are few studies or evidence which show it is harmful.
The legal age for teeth whitening in the UK is 18.
There is no risk of permanent damage to your enamel.
To maintain a bright white smile avoid food and drinks that make your teeth susceptible to staining such as tea, coffee, red wine and curry. You should also avoid smoking.
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