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Preventative care with regular dental check-ups

Coming for your regular 6 month dental check-up is the most important way to prevent any problems with your teeth and gums and so that any issues can be discovered as soon as possible.

At every check up your dentist will carry out a comprehensive examination of your head and neck area as well as your mouth, including muscles and jaw joints.
Your gums, other soft tissues and teeth will be examined, charted and recorded so that we can keep a clear record of your oral health.

We take x-ray pictures of your teeth every 2-3 years or as required so that we can keep an eye on the areas we can’t see to examine such as in between teeth, the roots and bone levels.

This appointment is an opportunity for you and your dentist to discuss your oral health and plan any treatment you may require such as repairing or replacing or that you may desire cosmetically.


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