East Mews Dental Care
2 East Mews
East Street
West Sussex
RH12 1HJ
Telephone: 01403 257237

What to Expect

Our patients can expect:

  • A high degree of professional skill and ability.
  • A comprehensive examination, diagnosis and explanation of our findings.
  • The development of treatment alternatives and an explanation of the costs and benefits of each so each patient can make an informed decision in selecting treatment that is most appropriate to his or her individual needs, means, and expectations.
  • Integrity to perform all services to the best of our knowledge and ability.
  • That we studiously keep abreast of progress in dental techniques and materials.

In return we expect from our patients:

  • Your cooperation in making and keeping appointments. Should it be necessary to change an appointment, we require at least 48 hours notice. We do make a nominal charge for missed appointments, but it is never our wish to do so.
  • Your health, safety and comfort are our primary concerns. Please let us know of any condition requiring special attention or any changes in your health during treatment.
  • If any problem should arise, at any time, please inform the Dentist, Practice Manager, or an appropriate staff member so we may have the opportunity to resolve the matter.

Our treatment policy:

Treatment plans are presented to all patients before any work begins. We will explain the procedures involved so that you fully understand and agree the proposed treatment plan. The costs and the time required to perform the services is also discussed. If at any time it is necessary to change the treatment plan and fee adjustments are applicable, this is explained to the patient and agreed to before treatment continued.

Our commitment:

Our commitment is to provide a comprehensive dental service utilizing the best methods, materials and service available to achieve the finest results and best value for our patients. When indicated we call upon other dental specialists to perform procedures to maximize the benefits of treatment.

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